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Black marble, which is symbol of power, is well-known with its support concentration. Besides this feature, black marble varieties, which has many different qualities, is one of the oldest building materials in history. It is among the most preferred marble kinds with its brightness and elegant appearance. Black marble is the name given to the crystallized limestone sediments which formed as a result of exerting pressure of magma sources with age-long heat exchange of underground calcite and basalt structures. In fact, sediments on the surface of underground thermal waters become homogenized over the years and form limestones with black color. These limestones have completed the formation process of dolomitic carstic limestones and this is real marble. Different materials such as iron oxide, silica, silicate and manganese oxide are formed in the marble by interaction with the metamorphic rocks that are few in number during their formation. These components form black, anthracite or bluish shades of marbles. Black marble, which has an important place among the marble resources in nature, is also mined from many regions in our country. The number of quarries mined black marble is less than white marble. Nonetheless, it is exported both as raw and processed form, it is also used in our country. Black marble reserves are valuable because of few. The mostly Akşehir, İskenderun, Kastamonu (Azdavay) and Denizli in Turkey are mined. Because it has a extra strong structure, its field of usage is quite wide. By means of its quality, black marble, which is preferred for long-term uses, prevents harmful bacteria from living on it. It has a healthy structure and is suitable for use through long ages. In addition to all these features, it is also preferred with its elegant appearance. There are white particles, dappled white or white lines within some models. While the marble is formed, it interacts with the rocks and these shapes are formed on the marble. Contrary to what is believed, the lines on the marble do not show that it is cracked or broken. Beyond being just black marbles having a longer lifetime than other marbles, there is also the least risk of problems such as cracking and breaking.

Black Marble Prices

Natural stone and marble reserves, which are widely available in our country, enable the sale of these products at affordable prices in the country. The marbles preferred in various projects are priced in different ways according to their properties. Black marble varieties are among the upper segment products. Therefore, although they are more expensive than other marbles, the price ranges differ according to the companies. There are black marble varieties for every budget. Thanks to the elegance in appearance, you can contact with Granices, which offers the best quality products at the most affordable prices for black marble prices that are suitable for use in all areas of your home. Granices offers a price according to size by determining the amount of marble required for you in terms of square meters.

Black Marble Varieties

Black marble takes its place in living quarters with its most beautiful and special varieties. The most preferred varieties of black marble in areas such as home, office are as follows:

Black Onxy Marble: Black onxy marble, which has glass luminance, has a quite solid structure. It is especially preferred for making ornaments.Akşehir Black Marble: It is preferred especially in interior wall coverings because of its attractive and showy. It has an eye-catching luminance after brightening processes like polish.Black Emperador Marble: Black emperador marble, which eliminates the aesthetic beauty anxiety, offers a modern, ease and comfortable use.Alanya Black Marble: Inasmuch as it is magnificent, black emperador marble, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, is also frequently preferred as decorative.Toros Black Marble: The marble variety that given an charm appearance with its natural veined structure adds both elegant and depth to where it is used.Black Ageing Marble: It is used for floor and wall covering especially abroad.Kütahya Black Marble: Kütahya black marble, which has a medium level of preference in black marble varieties, has the most tint shade of black marble.Uludağ Black Marble: The distribution of the colors on it reminds of a special drawing. This marble variety, which seems like work of art, is much sought after.You can contact with Granices to learn more about the different black marble varieties.

Black Marble Fields of Usage

Black marble varieties; It is used in different structures such as home, office, mall and even in household goods. Brands create its most beautiful series with the products they produce from this perfect material. Black marble that will take your living quarters the form of a quite different appearance; are widely used in places that require attention such as pieces like tables, coffee tables, accessories like various knickknacks and vases, TV unit back, above the fireplace, door entrance and niche distance which are complementary of decoration. Apart from these places, you can use black marble in many fields the areas you want to always look clean, such as bathrooms, toilets, and in places you do not want to out there while away the time such as tiles, kitchen ceramics, etc. In addition to all these areas, you can also choose any of the black marble models on the stairs, kitchen tops, tomb and tombstones. You can also use it in general areas such as flooring, interior and exterior covering. If it is shared the approved color and shade information with Granices, it makes correct directions according to your usage areas.

Black Marble Slabs

The element that gives to marble its black color is carbon. Thusly, black marble formations are a little heavier in terms of kilogram to per cubic meter. Our products produced with Toros black marble slabs offered by our company are among the most demanded marbles among the black marble varieties.

In terms of application areas, black marbles are often preferred as particularly floor coverings and building exterior coverings with their decorative and dark color structure. It also impresses itself with its depth and three-dimensional visual appeared after surface patterns and polishing applications. We also produce unique black marble products with fireplaces, coffee tables and tables applications. Kitchen tops, dining tables, tap waters, interior wall coverings of bathrooms, toilets, fountains, sinks and columns as other areas of use for black marble slabs are frequently requested.

We enrich and add value your buildings raised carefully with the suited cuts for your projects by modern building techniques with the black marble slabs. One of your best investments in the future is houses, buildings and residences raised with solid and quality materials. The building materials you will use in our country, which is an earthquake zone, have to be strong. You have heard the promise of as sound as a bell. Here is a promise for athletes, and there is a serious need the marbles owing to its power for marble in these residences and structures. By-products or similar products will never be in the quality and strength of the marble.

Black Marble Slab Prices

Black and beige marble slabs are marbles that arein short supply and the reason of individual choise. Therefore, Nero Marquina marble, one of our black marbles, meets its buyers at affordable prices. This marble slab has white veins. Uludağ Black Marble, which is completely black, is a bit more expensive compared to other slabs with its quality as well as being domestic. Although the products we display with the building materials we have created with Toros Black Marble slabs are eye-catching, it meets with buyers at very affordable prices.

The black plate marbles, which undergo many processes after being mined from the quarries, is priced depending on variables such as linear meter, square meter, thickness and quality. We consider that its quality pays charge of quality, its nobility pays charge of nobility and it is more important for the users to be taken into consideration the quality of products rather than its prices and whether produce with experienced hands or not.

Please call us for all your projects and designs.

Black Marble Block

Turkish black marbles have globally known deep black. The white veined varieties creates different patterns in each black marble block. Our marble quarries where our black marble blocks are produced are in Kayseri, Isparta, Kütahya and Bursa provinces. Black marbles are frequently demanded with its intense simplicity, depth, nobility and warm feeling in the areas where it is used. We also diversify our country’s black marbles with imported black marble blocks and expand our product range.

 We create the luminous spaces with stairs, sinks, fireplaces, fountains, sprinklers, bath basins, wall and facade coverings that we produce from black and white block marbles. The way that we produce products from slabs, we produce directly unique marble columns, sculptures, black marble block tombs, ornaments, handrails and patterned, inlaid altars from black blocks with the cnc machine and our craftsmanship.

Black Marble Block Prices

  We are able to apply different cuts (vein cut, cross cut) in the marble sector that we contribute with the production of black and gray marble blocks and marble, and we make black marble applications becoming to smart home that suit all expectations with our design and project-weighted works. We develop practical designs suitable for new expectations with our fast workmanship in the works we start. We see that black marbles, which can be used anywhere in homes and buildings, are preffered to a great extent in social and corporate areas. We are accompanying black marble on the journey from quarries to kitchens and houses by selling block marble in the domestic market and export as well as marble workings whose fields of usage are expanding day by day. We absolutely have a black marble suitable for every home.

You can find all the information and applications you are looking for on our website where you can find black marble products and varieties. Otherwise, you can call and get information for black marble block prices, dimensioning, design, labor costs, open tender suggestions.