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Cream Marble Slab

Cream marble slab are processed according to your needs; it is polished, honed, sanded, filling-if it is desired-, brushing-for non-slipping-, and prepared for your usage. Our cream marble can be used in swimming pools, bathrooms, stairs, kitchen benches, kitchen wall covering, indoor and outdoor wall covering, public places, and many other areas that are famous all over the world.

Cream marble that we export in high quantity makes a strong impression with its cream tone variety.

Our cream marbles that are from Karaman, Amasya, and Burdur make places more livable with their fresh and light look.

Apart from our marble products, the art effects of our products on your home motivate us to love more our work. Also, we are proud of offering quality products to you.

Cream Marble Slab Prices

You only find cream marbles with the minimalist look and amazing look after polishing in Granices. Cream marbles with their own color tones and one of the best marble types of Turkey. Cream marbles are manufactured best way and offered at affordable prices.

Cream marbles with their special color tones are offered one of the most affordable products. Cream Marbles make you happy with both their prices and colors. You can certainly find cream marbles in all prices and patterns in Granices.

For cream marble slab prices, you can look at our web site and access long term and quality products for your buildings. Our prices depend on areas, thickness, and patterns.

Cream Marble Block

In its raw form, marble is like a student waiting to enter whatever shape you give. Just as a good teacher shapes his student well, a good master can give the beautiful shapes to marble with his art. The best part of this labor-intensive work that we have embarked on with our cutting-edge marble processing machines is to experience the tranquility of being able to produce quality works with solid and reliable works and products. We have been living this tranquility since the day we set off in 2006, and also we have kept our friends alive that we have added to our happy customer family.

In addition to contributing to our country’s natural stone industry with our cream marble block production, we also continue our efforts for new products and designs. We cut the cream marble blocks carefully from our quarries in Amasya, Karaman and Burdur provinces that we produce and process them in our factory. We shape these marbles with applications such as sandblasting, polishing, brightening, filling, honing, hammering, wearing and burning according to the areas we will apply. While doing this process, we shape it by exhibiting our expertise and experience without harming the quality and robustness of the marble.

Cream Marble Block Prices

The main point to be considered in cream marbles that we sell cream marble block directly is the width of the usage areas of these marbles. Every color of marble may not be used for every product. However, this feature cannot be the case for cream marbles. Because cream marbles are rare marbles that have a unique product range that can adapt everywhere. For this reason, our cream marble block prices are also more affordable and accessible compared to other marbles.

Our marble prices can vary with factors such as workmanship, marble pattern, quality, thickness, quantity, linear meter and square meter made in cream marble group as in every product group.

These marbles are among the most preferred marbles, as cream marbles have visual appeal. Wall coverings, interior decoration and coatings of mosques and their wonderful stance in places without light are among the attractive features of this marble. Its performance on wet grounds is also extremely impressive. Although time wears out everything, marbles seem to be the best investment you will make in the future. Because marbles that brought us messages from centuries or even millennia ago are still standing and carrying the traces of the past. Price? We definitely have a work that you will carry to the future. Because this is Granices, where time stops and the stone is expertly shaped.