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Some of marble varieties are also worked mostly dolomitic levels in the production quarries. The marble variety that is produced at these levels is commercially called “Emperador”. The marble variety, which has a small calcite vein structure, is also defined as a breccia limestone with a dark brown color. The unit weight is approximately 2.65 gr / cm³. In addition to being in the category of beige marbles, Emperador marble is examined in two types as Emperador Light and Emperador Dark. This marble, which is in the class of quality marbles; it is known for being modern, easy, practical and comfortable. It has a wide usage area, especially outdoors. The marble variety, which we often see in decorative items, receives the appreciation of everyone with its elegance in appearance. Emperador marble has very few reserves and is among the most in demand marble varieties.

Emperador Marble Prices

The emperador marble variety, which draws attention with its high quality and hygienic structure, is offered at affordable prices despite making a difference with high properties. Prices differ according to the required dimensions and desired shape. You can contact Granices, one of the best companies of the sector, for the prices of emperador marble, which adds a utterly different mood to every environment where it is used with its perfect features.

Emperador Marble Varieties

Emperador marble produced in several points in our country and each unit is evaluated thanks to its wide usage area presents different kinds. Actually, this varieties occurred when two varieties called emperador dark and emperador light had marbles with different properties in their sub-branches. Emperador marble varieties; it is listed as gray, beige, Adıyaman dark, Spanish emperador marble, Adıyaman light, Bursa emperador, Alanya light, Alanya dark, Diyarbakır, Konya and Mersin emperador marble. Each variety of emperador marble has its own unique typicals. Marble varieties, which the difference between them is felt when the minute that touched, is used in different fields according to their properties. Adıyaman emparador marble existing the most varieties in Turkey; It is a natural stone building material produced in Adıyaman and sent all over the world. The product, which has white veins on dark colors such as black and anthracite, attracts everyone’s attention with its unique appearance. Veining on it can be intense or sparse. Being the white color of the veining on the dark color makes the product more attractive. Adıyaman emperador marble is used in almost every field.

Emperador Light Marble

Emperador light marble looks quite naive with its light color and adds elegance to the areas where it is used. This marble model is decorated with fine veins like lace on a yellow background, it is among the most-produced yellow colored marble in Turkey. Its unique appearance depends on each layer having a different appearance. Being fine and close grained reflects naturalness because of giving a homogeneous appearance. The light marble model, which has been produced for years, adds a modern appearance, impressive mood and an eye-catching shine to the areas where it is laid. Light marble, which is a building material that can be used both indoors and outdoors, is famous for its durability as well as elegance in its appearance. The product, which brings to a successful conclusion in surface finishing processes, is easy to clean. Light marble, which has long lived usage thanks to its durable structure, pleases its users.

Emperador Dark Marble

Emperador dark marble charms buyers with its magnifical appearance. It manages to attract attention with its exotic mood. It adds nobility, elegance and a rich appearance to every environment it is applied to. The gold-colored veined structure that spins the black colored floor from every point like a cobweb causes the stone to be seen as special produced, not a natural stone. Dark emperador, which is often preferred in areas in order to obtain rich appearance, also offers a healthy structure given by a natural stone. In addition to being healthy, the product which makes a strong impression on buyers with its durable, mines Alanya, Antalya and Demirtaş in Turkey. When used with more soft products, its remarkable feature emerges. Contrary to the classic appearance, it is quite in demand because it has a more splendent appearance.

Emperador Marble Fields of Usage

Emperador marble can be used both outdoor and indoor space with its quality and natural appearance. As an interior wall; it is preferred in hotels, mansions, Turkish baths, saunas, villas and upper segment areas. The marble model, which has a wide usage scale, gives decorative appearance to every area it is used. The marble variety, which is the most good way to offer aesthetic beauty in the spaces; it is used in stairs, tables and coffee tables, bathrooms and floor coverings.

Emparador Marble Block

When the Emparador marbles were mined in our country for the first time, they blazed a trail in the marble sector. In addition to the clarity of its patterns and veins, it has become the marble brand in demand the emarador marbles, which have actually increased the popularity of the touristic facilities and hotels, which have taken its first place with reactions given all the polishing and burnishing workings and started to be used it. We continue producing the products and samples with emparador marbles produced the still most beautiful colors and patterns beyond expectations. We are doing our job correctly and the best and taking firm steps forward by increasing our happy customer mass.

We mine in blocks the emerador marbles, which we produce, from our quarries in Afyon, Alanya, Bursa and Mersin. We turn the emparador marble blocks, which we brought to our factory from the quarries into first the slabs according to intended use desired by using the latest technology industrial machines and then send to last address that they will serve for years.

We contribute to our country’s economy with the emparador marble blocks that we export, and as well as dominating the domestic market, we continue to make the best promotion of our country’s marbles in the foreign market. In addition to the development of the marble sector that we have been serving with export and import for years in our country, we are now among the marble companies that have a voice in the world with the development of the techniques we have applied to the marble. Now, we also contribute to our country’s advertisement in the best way by playing a role in the global recognition of our country’s underground natural stone treasures with the emparador marbles that we produce and export.

Emparador Marble Block Prices

The prices of emparador marble, which are given rich appearance to the spaces, turn the areas used into places where we can define them only with fabulous expressions, also attract buyers with its affordable. These marble block products that affect you at the first time you saw, are accessible not only as end products but also with sales concepts in different formations. You can reach the emparador marbles, whose we are decorated the hetorogenous appearance and structure with harmonious integrity, directly from our factory, on our website or in our sales stores where we display the most beautiful visuals.

Besides the price advantages, we bring you the emparador marbles, which are national wealth and will create places you will enjoy using for years, with the right craftsmanship and our unique mastery. You can find the most beautiful marble thanks to only Ganices title, which get water from a flint. You will be able to reach on our website the most beautiful emparador marble prices that we produce with patience, craftsmanship, effort, experience and determination.

Emperador Marble Slabs

Emparador marbles with their three-dimensional, veined and depth structures are used and demanded with interest and appreciation in our country and in the countries we export to. Emperador slab marble gives good reactions to our polishing, burnishing, honing, patina, sandblasting, brushing practices we do in our factories.

The white cobweb structure on cream floor in Adıyaman Light emparador slab, Bursa emparador slab and Isparta Dark emperador marble slab are interesting, as well attractive. Emperador marbles are put on the market with its veined and mostly gray, white, black and cream colors by its structure.

Emperador marble fields of usage are admired and used especially in home bathrooms, toilets, hall floors, apartment interior emparador marble wall coverings, emperador marble tables, emperador floor coverings, ornaments and many more.

We consider the emparador marble products as special marble class by its structure. These marbles, which come into prominence as natural stones in which our craftsmanship is most noticeable, give a unique appearance like an oil painting by revealing the hidden color underneath, despite its intense vein collage.

Emperador Marble Slab Prices

We, as Granices, are one of the most followed companies with the Emperador marble slab prices we have determined. The most affordable emparador marble prices are brought together with our lovers through us. We are also the leader with our emperador marble prices same as we ever was.

An emperador marble plate slab suitable for every pocket and budget absolutely exists under us. Please call and let us include you in the family of those who find the taste of life in the unique depth of marble.

You will be able to choose them from our website with affordable prices for Emparador marble slab prices, and you will be able to reach extremely practical and long lived products in your buildings that we bring together with our unique craftsmanship.

You can reach us 24/7 through our website where you can get help and support for your different and non-standard sizes. Our prices differ according to size, measurement, thickness, linear meter and total length in metres.