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Travertine Export

 Our quarries that we produce Turkey travertine and our export company are located in Afyon and Denizli. Since travertine is a perforated stone due to its natural structure, it can be also produced such as filled, unfilled, matte, non-slip, polished, tumbled, patinated as all kinds of surface working in accordance with your orders as well as it can be used naturally. In addition, all kinds of Travertine slab cutting workings can be made according to your requests. As can be seen in the areas we produced, stocked and exhibited, we have travertine slab’s colors and varieties. Turkish travertine is advantageous in terms of being close to İzmir and Mersin ports for export.   In addition to the Turkey advanced transportation routes and networks, products can be delivered on time thanks to our storages in the port provinces, and are sent faultlessly on time by conforming to the delivery terms of FOB and CIF to China and other countries.  As a Turkish travertine export company, we also make use of an advantage of being close to İstanbul and Ankara, where the heartland of trade. Thus, the products, whose documents have been completed until the ships in full, solid and flawless manner, have been completed on time, loading and shipping services are provided thanks to our storages, and it is ensured that they reach the buyer.

Onyx Marble Export

  Our company keep in storages the unique types of onyx marbles that are mined and applied in Turkey, the different patterns in each block and tens of onyx marble colors such as transparent onyx, yellow onyx, honey onyx, green onyx, onyx white, onyx marble pink, red onyx, black onyx, onyx blue marbles. Our export company in Afyon and Denizli is one of the important centers that guide the export plannings of Turkish onyx stone.   Onyx marbles produced make it easier and closer to İzmir and Mersin ports with developed transportation routes and networks. In addition,  We are also close to the provinces of Ankara and İstanbul, which are the heart and center of Turkish onyx export. We export to China and other countries in accordance with FOB and CIF criteria. Thus, we complete their transactions of Turkish onyx export with a professional perspective by saving time and money. Our company, centre in Afyon and Denizli, guarantees its products in the time period until it is loaded on the ships, and ensures that its information and documents are arranged accurately and on time and reach their places quickly and faultlessly. Behind every successful export, there is always experience with knowledge, quality products and labor services.


Marble Export

 The marble products obtained in Turkey marble quarries have importance according to their variety and competence levels. Marbles with tens of colors and patterns have been used until today. It is still used in some of the areas such as kitchen tops, tomb construction, sacred space and palace floors, fountains, columns, bathrooms, Turkish baths, pools, hotel welcoming areas, stairs, fireplaces, old sarcophagi, sculptures, construction and decoration of public spaces and frescoes and additive material to animal feeds, cover powder on greenhouse etc.  Our administrative and management center as marble export company is in Afyon, where our marble quarry is also located. Turkish marble export ports  are located in the provinces of İzmir and Mersin and are close in terms of transportation and distance.  As a company which guarantees Turkey exporters with its own insurance system, we export to China and other countries within the framework of FOB and CIF delivery terms. Being close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces, which are our headquarters of Turkish marble export and management base, is also important in terms of marketing, exhibition of marble products and advertisement. Shortening the time until it is loaded on the ships, transporting and loading the products faultlessly and sturdily is under the guarantee of our company. In addition, it is fully completed in documents and information about our exports.


Limestone export

These marble-built stones in ancient Greek and Roman buildings have been rediscovered. It has become a material preferred frequently for products such as especially limestone fireplace & tomb, Fountain & Waterfall, Seat & Stool, Arch & Column, Bath & Turkish Bath, Countertop & Sink, Table & Coffee Table, Fountain & Pool, Vase & Flowerpot, Railing & Balustrade, Sculpture & Bust. The most important reason for this is to reaction well to our polishing and burnishing applications. As Limestone export company, we carry on the business in Finike district of Antalya province.  Thanks to this advantageous location, we are close to the ports of İzmir and Mersin, where our storages are located.  The fact that we are close to Ankara and İstanbul, which are the center of the Turkey natural stone sector, also provides us to dominate the sector.  As a Turkish limestone export company, we export to China and other countries by considering the FOB and CIF delivery terms and according to these terms. Thus,  All of our exports on Turkey are also guaranteed.  In addition to the quality of its Turkish limestone export natural stones, it provides time and money advantages to the buyers with its full document and shipping freight services and high timing applications.

Basalt Export

Basalt export company are gained the necessary qualities with sandblasting, honing, hammering patinato, blasting stone, basalt mucarta, basalt water trough, basalt drum applications and sandblasted patinato processes to slabs cut in factory by being mined from quarries. It can be used as basalt cube stone, basalt groove, basalt slab stone, basalt blast stone. Turkish basalt exportports are in İzmir and Mersin. Our factory is in Ankara and close to the ports. Transportation and shipping is easy.  It also provides an advantage to the manufacturer in terms of production, shaping and processing of basalt stone and transport to ships, which it carries out with Turkey developed trade network and developed transportation routes. Besides,it is also advantageous that is close to İstanbul and Ankara which the two major provinces and dominate the Turkish market.  We as Turkish basalt export company deliver our products to China and other countries in accordance with FOB and CIF terms by ensuring their guarantees. In addition, the freight charges until the ship has been paid by us, it has been loaded on the ships faultlessly, and the supply chain has been completed by preparing the shipping documents to the country to be exported. Thus, loading and shipping services from our storages in the provinces, where the ports are located, are completed on time and reached to the buyer.


Granite export

Turkey granite natural stones are preferred so many places for decorative products such as indoors; flooring, wall covering, column covering, stair and risers, railing, balustrade, granite floor covering, window and door jamb, windowsill, baseboard, bathroom and kitchen tops, countertops, fireplaces, tables, coffee tables. In exterior areas, it is also used in various fields such as road construction, facade lining, granite countertop, granite pavement and granite paving stones, granite stair, rainwater gutter, column, handrail, arch, urban furniture, pool, fountain, tombstone, monument and sculpture construction. Turkeygranite reserve is estimated to be 1 billion cubic meters. As granite export company, our factory is located in Afyon. We are also close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces, which are our marketing, administrative and logistics centers.  We are close to the İzmir and Mersin which are Turkish granite export ports. We, Turkish granite export company, transact to China and other countries according to FOB and CIF delivery terms. Thus, both we save time and guarantee our product and service. The products loaded on the ships with complete documents and products are on their way to reach the ports they will safely go to.


Andesite Export

Andesite mine usage areas are paving curbstones, walkways, park floorings, garden floorings, fireplace, fountains, pool decorations, terraces, wall coverings, municipal ornamental pools coverings and walking areas. It is preferred because it does not require maintenance in 60-80 years due to its features in all institutional areas and all other places. As andesite export company,   we are located in Ankara, which is the center of Turkey.  One of Turkish andesite export advantages is that it is easy to transport and shipping, and timely loading and shipping can be provided thanks to our storages. Our storages and headquarters are close to the ports of İzmir and Mersin.  We, Turkish andesite export company, work with FOB and CIF delivery guarantees to China and other countries. We work with faultlessly and perfect timing and processes in issues such as the payment of freight to ships, preparation of necessary export documents, preparation of documents of the buyer when the goods arrive.  We also have the advantage of location with our center close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces, which are the two major cities that direct Turkey natural stone trade.


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