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Andesite Factory

According to R & D works in recent years, Turkey plays a significant role about andesite production by means of andesite production increasing the places and size of use. Andesite stone factory located in Ankara province is close to the provinces of İzmir and Mersin with their convenient ports to export.      Producing a significant part with Turkish andesite production of 30000m2, Ankara andesite factory is equipped with the latest machine technology. In addition to being advantageous due to be close to important ports in exports, it dominates Turkey market by being close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces located centrally in the domestic market.    We produce quality and precious andesite products with our production, groove, stairs, flooring and covering from Turkish andesite.  A significant part of the raw andesite mined Turkey quarries are used in the reconstruction of public areas, parks, gardens, pedestrian pavements and roads by the municipalities. Apart from these consumption areas, it is preferred due to reasonable price ranges in the production of downspout of the roads and partially keystones. You can reach us on our site for your andesite needs in different variety, colors, shapes and numbers.

Granite Factory

The 40000m2 granite floors, facades and slabs were produced in the last six months in granite factory of Afyon mined the tens of colors, patterns and sizes of granite blocks and slabs. Because Granite Factory located at the exact center of Anatolian Geography, The Turkish Granite mined carefully and meticulously can easily transfer to İzmir and Mersin Ports.   With this production volume Turkey feel right proud of being able to produce a significant part of its granite production. Granite products, with increasing usage areas day by day, Turkish granite has gained acceleration to its sector through upside. In addition, we can look to future with confidence thanks to factory products equipped with the R&D works and the latest technology. Afyon granite factory with its location dominated the domestic market of Turkey is also close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces which are the commercial center position. In addition to its export of granite slabs, blocks and este, it is able to present by producing the applaudable products artifacts and examples in many fields such as the kitchen top, floor and floor coverings, facade wall coverings, fireplaces, marble and stairs, fountains, mosques, pulpits etc. as products, the factory appealed to end users in the domestic market.  Afyon Granite, is a respected company of the Turkey granite industry, always continues to undertake unique and quality works.

Basalt Factory

Turkey is extremely rich in basalt production, which is a magmatic stone formed by volcanic activities. The basalt factory in Ankara does also not have any problems in the sales of the basalt production, which it constantly increases. Turkish basalt one of the important items of Turkey natural stone export mined in factories equipped with the latest technology machines and dressed according to the areas where it will be used. Basalt factory experienced no transportation difficulties in exports is close to the ports of İzmir and Mersin. With the production of 60000 m2 basalt produced in the last six months, it has proved to have a say in its field by making a significant part of total basalt production in Turkey. It is able to easily release to the cube stone, kerbstone and flooring materials produced with basalt products in Ankara and Istanbul, which are the center of the domestic market, due to their proximity and ease of transportation. We are extremely happy to contribute to Turkish basalt sector with the cubes, kerbs and flooring materials, we produce in different colours. We continue to rise upward in the foreign market and domestic market with our strong production, manufacturing, transportation and trade network. You can contact us on our website for pricing and information.

Limestone  Factory

Limestone factory and quarry located in the Finike district of Antalya, on the Alpine Himalayan zone of Turkey geography.  limestones  are preferred for the positive result from sandblasting, aging, hammering, burnishing, polishing and varnishing applications made in factories equipped with the latest machine technology, and with the unique insulating properties on wall coverings. Turkish limestone  we produced, while we use some of the marbles in the domestic market, we export some of them through İzmir and Mersin ports, which we are close in terms of transportation. With our 40000m2 limestone  production per year, we transfer significant amounts of limestone stone to the cities of İstanbul and Ankara, which are commercial centres, we are close to.

We continue to dominate the market with our production potential, which we realize a valuable part of Turkey natural stone trade, with limestone block stone sales, limestone plate sales, wall and interior and exterior covering, fireplaces, several fountains. Turkish limestone  marbles will continue to be expedient and favorite stones for many years with their aesthetic stances, especially in white colors, besides they are durable. You can reach our website for all your prices, measures and information requests.

Marble Factory

Marble factory, equipped with latest technology machinery by exporting and importing the highest quality and capable of producing products in various colors and patterns,  is located in Afyon. It is close to the ports of İzmir, Mersin and Antalya, which have the necessary ports to be able to export and clear through the cumstoms of Turkish marble mined carefully from quarries by its location.  It is close to Ankara and Istanbul provinces, which are centrally located in domestic trade and where the marble domestic market is the most lively.

 The amount of marble, obtained from the three quarries in the last six months of the factory, which has made significant contributions to Turkey exports, was 80000m2. With this production volume,  we produce a very significant part of Turkey marble production in Afyon factory equipped with the latest machine technology. Turkish marble is one of the marbles that best respond to dressing and plating applications during cutting from blocks. In addition to being one of the most durable marble with surface tension during cutting and laying processes, the width of the color range and the ability to produce from any color with its unique patterns increase the value of the Turkish marble produced. You can reach the company from our site for further information, pricing and dimensioning.

Onyx Factory

 Turkish onyx products give the best examples in our Afyon and Manisa factories, where we work and equip with high machine technologies. We produce este and plate cutting, filled and honed onyx products in our factory where we make superior workmanship and fabrication production. In addition, we have the capacity to address to the domestic market and exports by cutting cross cut and vein cut. Onyx is a spectacular and precious stone due to its structure.   We have a serious market share in onyx stone production in Turkey with our 15.000 m2 onyx production that we have mined in the last three months. Centrally located onyx factory is close to the İzmir and Mersin ports where we export abroad. Besides,  Ankara and İstanbul, which are our sales and marketing centers in Turkey wide, are also close in terms of shipping and transportation. Turkish onyxproducts are preferred all over the world with positive reaction gived to the workings such as the transparency of the colors, designs and textures. We make serious contributions to Turkish onyx production with our onyx floor, onyx facade covering, onyx plate, marble bedside table, marble kitchen top, lighted onyx marble, coffee table, onyx marble table, bathroom, souvenir productions where are the places of use. You can contact us on our website for your questions about onyx products.

Travertine Factory

Travertine products are known for their durable, decorative stance in areas used and contribution to thermal insulation.  We contribute to Turkey Travertine production with our annual production of 90000 m2 and the latest technology machinery and equipment we use. With these machines, we can make este and plate cutting, as well as cross cut and vein cut with filled and honed dressing. Our factory has a significant market share in natural stone production, besides it is close to İzmir and Mersin ports with Travertine Factory located in Afyon and Denizli.  Therefore, our factories do not have transportation and shipping problems about our exports to abroad from Turkey. It is close to the cities of Ankara and İstanbul, where the domestic Travertine market is the most intense, also provides sales and marketing advantages. Turkish Travertine productions also expands its market share with products such as floor coverings, interior and exterior wall covering, pool, fountain, mosque minarets, pulpits, sprinklers where are places of used.  In addition to Turkey rich natural stone products, it is also an expert in faultless and fast workmanship workings. You can reach us on our website for your needs related to Travertine products.