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Meteorus Granite


Grey granite has light colour and is an acidic gabbro containing quartz, alkali feldspar, mica, and dark minarets in various proportions. Granite rocks formed through cooling of the magma underground are extracted with special machines and manpower in the mines. Grey granite rocks that can be found in different places around the world are available in many provinces in our country, especially Edremit, Istanbul, Edirne and Bursa. Grey granite rocks with granular appearance are frequently used in construction and application processes due to their durable structure. Grey granite rocks are one of the most preferred building materials since they are resistant to moisture in hard floor landscape designs. In addition, grey granite is positioned as an important building material that is included in the application processes of various projects due to its suitability for various weather conditions, resistance to heat and acids, easy processing, and cleaning.


Grey Granite Prices

Grey granite prices are determined by considering the thickness, height, and total quantity of the granite type and the specified grey granite type to be used in accordance with the project applied. For this reason, the material selection made in the project processes at the implementation stage stands at an important point. The grey granite type to be chosen is of great importance in order to support the aesthetic level of the applied design, to have sufficient strength value of the material, and to act in accordance with the project budget. If you want to get more detailed information about grey granite prices, you can contact the authorities of Gracines and get the latest information on the subject. Furthermore, you can get a price by requesting an offer on granices.com.


Grey Granite Types

Grey granite is a subtitle with a wide range of products. As one of the grey granite types, Hisar Grey Granite is among the domestic production granites. The Hisar Grey Granite extracted in Eskişehir exhibits an aesthetic stance with small grey dots on it. Due to its bright and hard surface, it is a type of granite frequently used in making products such as especially counter, sink, facade, stairs, or wall covering as well as tables and coffee tables. Another grey granite type is Bergama Grey Granite, which is extracted in Bergama district of İzmir and named after it. This granite type, which is known for its hardness and high strength, is used very often in floorings as hard landscape building element since it provides convenience to the user in difficult natural conditions. Bergama Grey Granite is also the center of attention for users who want to enjoy a different aesthetic pleasure in kitchens, bathrooms, or facades. Diamound Galaxy Granite, which is among the imported grey granite types, originates from Indian. The product, which is slightly lighter than Bergama and Hisar models, is among the most preferred decorative grey granites. Another type of imported granite is Brazilian-origin Meteorus Granite. With its smoky dark grey colour and texture, it offers a very modern look in kitchen countertops, window sills, walls, stair coverings, and flooring. You can quickly and easily choose the most suitable product among many types of grey granite for your application area.


Grey Granite Usage Areas

Grey granite is a product suitable for use in different places during construction processes. Therefore, it can be easily included in indoor and outdoor designs. It offers a stylish look in interior areas; especially in kitchen, countertops, wall and floor coverings, different facade and floor surfaces in the bathroom, window sills, stairs, various facades and walls, fireplaces, tables and coffee tables. On the other hand, it provides a comfortable use in floor coverings, monuments, or city furniture.

Grey Granite Block

The quality and aesthetic texture of grey granite block natural stones which you can use in interior and exterior floor coverings, bathrooms, and kitchen countertops will offer an extra privilege. Considering the natural structure of these stones, which are compatible with accessories and furniture, it should also be expected to create hygienic and practical solutions. The wide variety of veins and patterns on the grey will bring a wonderful aesthetic especially to home decorations.

The color characteristics and quality of grey granite blocks are a unique value for every customer. The fact that it is among the favorite products of design and decoration process reveals all the essential gloss brought by grey. You should be aware that it is unlikely to get dirty and offers the recommended design touches for indoor use.  We need to add that these stones, which you can use in granite table applications, are a unique reason for stair steps, flooring, and windowsill alternatives.

Grey Granite Block Prices

You can call us to determine an exact price for grey granite blocks which you can use as polished, burned or bevelled in a variety of ways. Many options such as dimensions, usage area, and quantity of the grey granite block product to be purchased by the expert and experienced team of our company will be evaluated. It will be inevitable for you to benefit from an advantageous price sanction and our company will help you in every respect. You can get information about the variable prices and product models in the current building and natural stone market.