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Gray marble acquires its color with combination of mineral-rich such as hydrogen and carbon inside it, crystal and iron oxide. Gray marble, which brings simplicity, calmness and naturalness to every area it is used and offers you the most beautiful shades in a sophisticated elegance; it enables you to create extraordinary and high quality designs. You can easily apply your pleasure to your living spaces such as home, office thanks to the marble variety with the most beautiful colors of nature. Gray marble, which is among the marble varieties produced in our country, is mostly mined from marble quarries in Afyon, Marmara, Uludağ and Alanya. Although it is generally offered for sale after processed, it is also sold in raw form. The product, which draws attention with its wide usage area, is among the most preferred marble varieties by users with the calm mood it offers. Gray marble varieties are protected from possible scratches and stains by being covered with different insulation materials. The product, which is long lived with its durable structure, can be cleaned very easily and practically.

Gray Marble Prices

Although marble is expected to be very high of price, marble prices differ according to the property of the marble you want to buy. Factors such as the marble’s life, quality, color, and majority of reserve, directly affect the marble prices. Gray marble, which is found more intensely than some varieties of marble in our country, is also quite affordable in terms of price. Price differences can be seen in the product, which is priced in units or square meters, when special shapes and sizes are desired. You can get exact information by contacting Granices about gray marble prices, features and whether they are suitable for your area to be used. Granices informs you about the product you need in detail and offers you the best price.

Gray Marble Varieties

Gray marble varieties are usually called according to the name of where they were mined. Some of these marble kinds are as follows:

  • Afyon Gray Marble: Besides its durable structure, it has a magnificent appearance with its fine white lines. It provides long lived use and easy cleaning chance.
  • Tiger Skin Marble: The product with white moire on dark color gives a pleasant appearance. Its dynamic appearance generally increases its use in outdoor areas.
  • Alanya Emperador Light Marble: It is a product that creates the harmony of gray and yellow color. It adds a brilliant mood to the environment in which it is used.
  • Marmara Marble: It has 3 models: panda, pyjamas and gray. Gray Marmara marble consists of moire, streak and unsharp thick lines on gray color. Because it has a wide usage area, it can be used anywhere desired.
  • Bursa Gray Marble: It is a kind of marble with high polish adherence ability. It has a wide usage scale.
  • Iran Gray Marble: Iran gray marble, which is known to be especially durable, can be used for years. Thanks to its easy cleaning, it is among the most preferred marble varieties.
  • Balıkesir Gray Marble: Thanks to its quality structure, the product, which does not encounter any problems such as breakage and scratches, is preferred almost everywhere.
  • İzmir Gray Marble: The product, which has thin white lines on a light gray tone, is put on the market both in block and in processed form.

Apart from these varieties, there are also anthracite, tundra, Azdavay, Spain, Uludağ and Aksaray gray marble varieties. All gray marble varieties are mined sufficiently in our country.

Gray Marble Fields of Usage

The marbles, which are among the most used building materials from past to present, are also preferred in different areas day by day. It is used extensively not only in buildings but also in the design of decorative items such as sculptures and vases.Marble varieties, which have an important position in decoration, are located in many different areas. The areas where gray marble is used the most are; listed as table and coffee tables, faince tile, kitchen and bathroom, tiles and ceramics, stairs, soap dispenser, TV unit, floor and wall coverings. In addition to these fields of usage, it is preferred as exterior and interior covering in different structures.


Gray Marble Block

Gray marbles acquire their colors with the density of minerals-rich in carbon and hydrogen, iron oxide, crystals and gray-giving minerals. Gray marbles are loved with the appearance of natural and simple created in the areas where they are applied and add a fresh mood to the places where they are used.

  After Gray and Beige marble block mined from the quarries, it is sent to the factories for weight and sizing. Classification and pricing are done here. If necessary, it is become the slab by cutting with gang sawn. However, at this stage, it is worked to gray marble block the epoxy to prevent damage. The most suitable cutting and slabbing blocks are classified and prepared for taking to where they will be exhibited and sold.

Gray marbles of Granices carefully burnished, polished and adorned with the latest technology are the most favorite products of the shopfront. You will find unique examples of our craftsmen and craftsmanship in our gray marble products. It is enough to you enter our website to reach our decorated and patterned gray marbles like a painting you can’t keep your eyes off it and choose from our catalogs. Our floor workings, wall coverings, fireplaces, stairs, kitchen tops and many more products are among our gray marble application and usage areas, and the gray marble that will meet your demands absolutely exist under us.

Gray Marble Block Prices

We produce designs suitable for your budget in our Granices factories with gray marble slabs we produced carefully from one more beautiful than the other gray marble blocks we mine from Bilecik, Afyon, Kastamonu, Alanya, İzmir, Balıkesir, Marmara, Azdavay, Bursa Uludağ, Muğla, Konya and Sivas provinces.

You can reach us through our website for the direct sale of our gray marble blocks with rich appearance. Besides meeting you with economical prices, our factories, where you will find carefully selected marbles from the most exclusive marble quarries, work finely gray marbles which you have difficulty in deciding and present them to you for decorating your homes.

The prices of gray marble selected from the most beautiful quarries with quality and pattern varieties are enriched with the products we bring not only from our country but also by importing, and so a variety of prices occurs. The best thing to do is that you do not look for better than us for the most beautiful gray marble models. Because the most attractive gray and fifty shades of gray exist at the most affordable prices under the Granices brand.

Gray Marble Slab

We are one of the leader company in Turkey with out gray marble varieties to be attracted you with Gray and White marble slab selection.   We capture the hearts with the perfect gray emperador marble together with its marble slabs mined from Isparta, Afyon, Balıkesir, Alanya, Bursa, İzmir, Aksaray..

The gray slab marble acquire their colors according to the changes of included carbon rates. Marmara marble slabs are among the well-loved and well-known marbles with their veined gray structure and gray colors. Today, the export of Marmara marble, which is an example of white density gray marbles, is also done by us. Our marble slab exports are relatively more than our finished products.

Our gray slab marble sales are significantly higher with the wideness of usage areas. Gray marbles, known as not to show dirt, are marble color that we frequently use in wet floors, stairs, public spaces, schools, tap waters, fountains.

The product, which we have turned into and mined a gray slab by application, cannot satisfy the customer without making us happy. Our selectivity and quality oriented works continue with these perspectives and we are proud to always offer you the best.

Gray Marble Slab Prices

The slab prices of Gray and Black marble are determined in relation to input and output costs and product quality, independently of market fluctuations. Our products that we present with rich looking gray slab marble varieties are sold as raw gray marble slabs.

Gray marble slab prices vary according to size, measurement, thickness, square meter, cubic meter, linear meter and total length in metres. We decide on our prices with easy payment options according to the size of the project and planning.

Gray marble slabs, which are known to be used frequently in historical columns, tombs, and mosques, carry on in your home with the quality products the popularity have never lost from antique age to today. Granices is the name of the place where you can find the most beautiful gray marble at the most affordable prices. A marble suits every pocket absolutely exists under us.