Green Marble

Rustic Green Marble


Green marble, which is one of the most sought out and preferred marble kinds, offers a wide use scale with its pleasant color. Demand is quite intense because it uses quite a few not only at home use but also abroad. At the same time, it is often exported to other countries via Turkey. The marble quarries where green block marble is mined are located in different regions of our country. Green marble varieties are among the most popular marbles and when it is used, it appears just as a painting. We see that every kind of green marble produced has different patterns and color shades. It brings spaciousness and brightness to every building such as home, office, hotel where it is used, and also, it carries almost spring to these environments. One more beautiful than the other products are created thanks to the special workmanship used in green marbles. These products are preferred in showy buildings. Green marble that impress everyone with its unique beauty; It is mined from marble quarries located in Uşak, Elazığ, Karapınar, Safranbolu, İzmir, Karabük and Bilecik. This marble kind, which also contains different colors in its green color, shapes with their experiments by the specialists in their fields. The different cutting techniques applied during shaping contribute to the create of green marble products with several and interesting features.


Green Marble Prices

The prices of the products obtained from green marble, which is highly preferred due to its product range, wide fields of usage, modern and decorative appearance, are distributed on a vast scale due to the variability of the features. Despite different fields of usage and product variety, the finest quality products are put on the market. The price of the products varies according to the color shade, quality, shape and size of the marble. Since the quality green marble products, which are put on the market, can be used in all fields, the remaining products are evaluated in a different field and the price is deducted up to the increasing amount. You should contact the companies and get information for the exact prices of the products obtained from marble varieties with unique shades of green color.


Green Marble Varieties

Green marble varieties that impress features and quality are presented to you with quality and guarantee. Green marble products with epic features created attract attention as the most important products of the sector. Green marble varieties, which are qualified and pure, that give different appearance to each area used; it can be used in interior and exterior areas of buildings such as home, office and workplace. Green marble varieties can be listed as follows in general terms:


  • Rustic Green Marble: This kind of marble, used as a complement to rustic decoration, appeals to the eye of those who enjoy using rustic decoration in their living spaces.
  • Eflani Safranbolu Green Marble: Eflani Safranbolu, which has a special characteristic structure, is the best alternative to have a different experience.
  • Uşak Green Marble: It is the model which has as like as not the most beautiful shades of green in green marble varieties. It adds meaning to every area with its pure beauty.
  • Teos Green Marble: This marble model giving an impressive appearance with the shade and veined structure of green, is presented to green lovers.


Green marble varieties are not limited to these. There are quite a few green marble varieties in nature. Green marble varieties offered at the best models and different designs are included in the marble catalogs of the companies.


Green Marble Fields of Usage

Green marble varieties, which are produced the decorative models with the eye-catching of green, are used in the creation of different fields and products. Some of these products; it can be listed as tables, stairs, sinks, coffee tables, washbasins, counters, bathrooms and kitchens, Turkish baths, tombs and tombstones, vases and trays. Green marble has an extremely wide fields of usage. Floor and wall coverings can be listed as outdoor use. In these workings, the shining of the green marble almost covers the whole environment.


Green Marble Block

Green marble block production gives the pretty results for green marble, which is one of the sought-out marble colors. We look at the future with hope with our increasing day by day green marble exports and developing block producing techniques. Green block marble is one of the favorite products of factories and it appears just as a painting of every showcase exhibited. We see that each produced green block marble is in different patterns and color shades and continues to bring spaciousness and spring to your homes. We create the sought out marble products of our country’s modern buildings with our unique craftsmanship in imported green marbles. We give life to the marble blocks in colorful green shades that we mined from provinces of Karabük, Safranbolu, Uşak, Karapınar, Elazığ, İzmir, Bilecik camgöbeği and Bursa Gemlik, and we bring together the legendary shades of green with its lovers. We produce green marble block products with different cutting techniques and dozens of workings.

Green Marble Block Prices

Our green marble block prices are really affordable and economical compared to the quality of our products. The most important issue that we pay attention to the marbles we produce is to make applications that will add value to the product without destroying the unique structure of the marble. Each marble product includes in the unique characteristics and beauties. Our art and profession is to produce long lived products by revealing these rare and natural beauties. When buying marble, it should not be forgotten that you are here for a product that you will use for years or even decades. The criterion that you will naturally require should never be out of fashion, and should always create environments that will give you relief when you enter your home and space. And so for, the price of the marble, you will buy, should never in the first plan. Granices offers you the marbles you choose, and offers them at the most affordable prices by issuing guarantee. The flexibility in our price varies according to the linear meter and length in metres you will buy. Besides, our green block marble products can be sold directly.

Green Marble Slabs

These green marbles, which are produced carfully with the latest technology in the marble sector, are composed of carbonated serpentinites in the form of a single stone in Seferhisar regions at the western end of the İzmir Ankara Zone. Green marble blocks producing in the Karabük provinces shape ideally in our factory.

The blocks mined from these towns have been used since Antiquity age and were exported abroad at that time. Green marble was also used in buildings close to these regions and even in the city of Ephesus. These rocks with the same characteristics are produced under the trade name Vardar Yeşili in Greece, our neighbor to the west of İzmir-Ankara Zone. This rock is harder than marble with carbonate origin. The reason for this is due to the presence of serpentine minerals. This hardness ratio is specified as 3.5 – 4.

 As a result of the physico-mechanical analysis, Green Marble has been selected in accordance with the Turkish Standards Industry building block standard is also in demand with the color attractiveness covering, decoration and flooring as well as its quality.

Green Marble Slabs Prices

We look at the future with hope by green marble exports increasing as time goes on and with our advanced block mine techniques. We, as Granices, also offer you with a slab sales directly in this field. Our green marble sales are increasing day by day due to product variety, decorative appearance and fields of usage although to a lesser extent up to the mark. Sure, although all fields of usage are various, first-class quality products are always produced in our country. Our country is ranked as the seventh in the world in marble production and as the eighth in exports. Thanks to its quality material, it always offers its customers affordable price advantages. This green marble slab, which has a very rich content and feature, also puts a smile on our people’s face with its prices. The reason why its price suits the budgets is that blocks are enough mined and produced. Also, onyx and green marble are mined in limited capacity in Kırşehir basin. Green marble, with its distinctive appearance, affordable price and elegance that it adds to our homes, will continue to create the most beautiful areas of your spaces as it impresses up to the present.