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Travertine Imports

We turn the travertine raw materials, which we obtain with Turkish travertine imports, into last products with fine and artistic touches. Travertine stone is processed and shaped the result of a long struggle in the hands of the people living in Turkey geography. In addition our factory having a significant market share in natural stone production, our factory is shaped in the travertine processing factories in Afyon and Denizli. Turkish travertine imports create added value for the sector by supporting the need of our country travertine. By applying surface treatment with our state-of-the-art machinery for travertine stones, we obtain filled, unfilled, matte, non-slip, polished, tumbled, patinatolated surfaces and we can produce travertines to proper all demands. Vein Cut cutting or Cross Cut cutting are applied to imported travertines with our operations and  these cuttings are known as Turkey cuts. Then, if necessary, it is put on the domestic market by going through honing, brushing, polishing, polishing processes. The difference between Vein Cut and Cross Cut cuts is that the waterway on the travertine surface are apparent after the Vein cut in the hearth block. Producing different and sufficient solutions for different expectations reveals the difference of Granices. Travertine marbles used as decoration for sidings, pool edges, fireplaces, fountains, mosque pulpits and mihrabs, stairs, hotel lobbies and interior walls is now one of the products that people living in our country demand.

Marble Imports

We bring the most outstanding examples of world marbles to our country with our Turkey  marble  imports. Rare marbles such as Calacatta, Verde Guatemala, Iran Pietra gray marble, Golden Brown marble, Bianco ibiza marble, Gold portoro marble, White panda marble, Nero marquita marble, Carrara marble, Rain forest Green Marble, Rain Forest Brown Marble, Botticino Marble we bring it to our country and adorn these marbles with our quality workmanship. We contribute to the Turkish marble import industry with new and valuable marbles that we brought from our Izmir and Mersin ports. We create flawless marble products with state-of-the-art machinery and our qualified and experienced technical staff. We calculate and track the stock and warehouse status of Turkish marble import products, thereby keeping the market contraction and expansion under control. Accordingly we offer the consumer the most affordable and quality marble warranty with actions supporting and directing the market in Turkey. You will always find the best marble under the Granices brand and name with the highest quality applications and workmanship. The value of the customer-oriented, working and producing Granices brand is increasing day by day.

Granite Imports

Some of our valuable granite marble products in the Turkish granite import market; G603 Granite (China), Sl White Granite (Vietnam), Pi White Granite (Vietnam), Nero Zimbabwe Granite (Africa), Absolute Black Granite (India), Kashmir White Granite (India), Brujet Granite (Iran), Star Galaxy Granite (India), African Red Granite (Africa), Rosa Minho Granite (Spain), Meteorus Granite (Brazil), Santiago Red Granite (Brazil), Via Lactea Granite (Brazil), Viscont White Granite (Brazil), Verde Marinace Granite (Brazil), Labradorite Bianco Granite (Brazil), Solarius Granite (Brazil), Shiavakashi Granite (India), Verde Bahia Granite (Brazil), Emerald Pearl Granite (Brazil), Giallo Argento Granite (Brazil), Ice Sparkle Granite (India). These granite stones that we bring to Turkey port by ship are processed in our factories and offered to our country. The countries to which we import granite are also among the countries to which we export. We expand our range of colors with the variety we offer to the Turkish granite import industry and ensure that the desired products are easily accessible. We adorn granite products that we offer to Turkey market with our unique craftsmanship and art and we see our customers’ satisfaction above all else. Granite market is enriched with our granite products, that we shape and process by importing.


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