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Onyx Quarry

 we supply about 15,000 m3 of quarterly Turkish onyx block production from our quarries in Afyon and Manisa. The factory is close to İzmir and Mersin provinces, which are our export ports by its location. After we sort and dress the onyx blocks we mine from the quarries in our factories, we send them to Ankara and İstanbul provinces, which are our marketing and sales centers by several means of conveyances. We also sell outside of the factory in these provinces in close-range. In our factories equipped with the latest machine technology, Turkish onyx block parts turn into the plates by being polished and burnished. Onyx stones, that are the favorite of the areas where they are exhibited,  have an important share in Turkey natural stone export. Onyx quarry has the potential to meet the needs with the productions in the especially Central Anatolia and Aegean regions of Turkey by its number.  We continue to release products unique products to the domestic and foreign markets, with products such as onyx floors, onyx facade covering, onyx plate, marble bedside tables, marble kitchen tops, lighted onyx marble, coffee table, onyx marble table, bathroom, souvenir produced from onyx stones.

Basalt Quarry

Turkey is a basalt heaven in the full sense of the word. Basalt is produced almost everywhere in Anatolian geography. Aegean region is the leading of these places. The reason for this, it is close to the İzmir and Mersin ports. It is easily sold abroad through ports. Therefore, Basalt Quarry is established near the port. In 2016, Turkey basalt production was 24,883,169 tons. In the last six months of this year, we have obtained 60,000 m3 basalt from our basalt quarries. In non-port region, it is provided to the ports by being transport or supplied to the domestic market. Our quarry in Ankara is the leading of the most precious quarries with basalt production. It is close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces and equipped with the latest machine technology. Turkish basalt block is mined either as a field stone or from quarries. Turkish basalt block which is idle and leaving the irrigation channel  are collected and evaluated. Due to the decrease of blocks above ground recently, underground Basalt Quarry has been considered opening necessary. Basalt blocks are mined there by opening again the quarries are closed at heavy demand. It is kept in basalt layers and rocks in the quarry. Their weight can differ from 7 to 20 tons. The stone blocks quarried from the slope with the excavator are loaded on the pantechnicon and sent to the factories to be cut.

Travertine Quarry

We manufacture travertine natural stone in our above-ground quarries in Afyon and Denizli.  We make a very serious contribution to Turkish travertine block production by producing 90.000 M2 travertine annually.   Our workings are continuing to increase our quality travertine quarry number. Our quarries that we continue to produce are close to Ankara and İstanbul, which are the central office and administrative centers in the Anatolian geography and also where our marketing centers are located. In addition, It is also strategically and commercially important to be close to İzmir and Mersin ports, which are the customs gates of Turkey opening abroad.  One of the biggest problems in the transportation of Turkish travertine block products is lost of travertines at long distances for reasons such as overturning, cracking and breaking. For this reason, to transport at close distances also means saving time and money. In our factories equipped with the latest machine technology, we make este and plate, filled and honed, as well as cross cut and vein cuts to our products, which are carefully obtained from travertine quarries according to needs of each customer. In particular floor space, the interior and exterior covering, pools, fountains, minaret, minbars, sprinklers, mihrabs, the windowsill and directly travertine block sale applications can be made with Turkey’s produced travertine products. You can contact us through our website to review our unique travertine products and get information.

Limestone Quarry

Limestone quarry establishments is actually one of the most impressive and miraculousness workplaces of recent history and distant history. We can see the limestones in homes, streets and even in Roman watercourses in every period of history. Also today, we continue to bring these natural stones together with our living quarters in our limestone quarry factory in the Finike district of Antalya, Turkey  We contribute to Turkish limestone block production with the limestone marble of 40,000 m3 per year. Besides, the limestone blocks, which we have quarried with the latest technology machines, are also easy to transport to İzmir and Mersin provinces, which are located close to our quarry and Turkey ports of exportation.  We, Turkish limestone block, have superior quality, unique and high quality products. As we may sell limestone blocks directly as blocks, we may prepare them in desired sizes, measurements, dimensions and qualities as finished products and export them in m2 and meters. In addition, decorative limestone marbles meet with their buyers with the demand increasing day by day in the domestic market. We support our future, which we see in hope, with our R&D activities and expand our product range for more active use of limestone. Choose limestone marble for more peaceful, decorative and comfortable spaces. You can reach us from our website for all your needs and information requests.

Andesite Quarry

Turkey has an important position with andesite formations which are seen frequently in the Central Anatolia Region. Ankara andesite quarry and our factory are the leading of these. Due to the affordable price and cost of andesite production in Ankara, andesite borders with a length of 100 km until today and andesite cobblestone exceeding 300,000 square meters have been laid and municipalities of other provinces have requested for the andesite mine. Turkish andesite blockcan be used for 60-70 years without being destroyed after it has become a cobblestone and kerb. Turkish andesite block has improved better in terms of production. The reason is that the suitable for use andesite can be produced using marble-like methods. Andesite consumption estimate is 500,000 square meters, which is expected to be double with the increase in areas of usage over time.. Andesite quarryis also close to İzmir and Mersin Ports because here is in Ankara. It is also close to the province of İstanbul and these quarries are equipped with the latest machine technology. Turkey has become an expert on its andesite production by producing 30,000 cubic meters. Turkey has 55 provinces mined the andesite in especially Ankara.  Anıtkabir is also an andesite structure. Andesite is related to the age of its colors. Andesite first is mined the quarry as a block, and then the blocks are stocked on the depot and prepared for processing. Then, it is cut and sized in the machines, and at the last stage, its bush hammer and transportation is done.

Granite Quarry

Turkey is actually lucky countries with the current granite reserve and number of granite quarry.   In addition, our granite quarry and factory are located in Afyon province, which can be considered as the country center. For this reason, İzmir, which is our important customs ports and which we export, is close to Mersin ports. In addition, Turkey is close to Ankara and İstanbul provinces which keeps tabs on domestic market, where our marketing centers are located, and transportation is easy.  The way to have a say in the production of Turkish granite block is to operate the quarry using the latest machinery and technology, and our factory has it. We produced 20,000 M3 granite blocks in the last six months in our factory, where we make production with the highest equipment.  We provide services with our Turkish granite block products in dozens of fields including kitchen tops, floor coverings, facade wall coverings, fireplaces, marble and stairs, fountains, mosques pulpit and mihrabs, pools, floor, wall and room coverings of hotels, common areas of hospitals and welcoming areas. The reputation, cleanliness and visuality of Turkish hotels and Turkish hospitals has spread around the world. We are very happy to be the architect of some of this reputation. You can contact us on our website to get information about all granite products.