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It is time to embellish the buildings by meeting red granite which is the most beautiful form of fire, sweet ambition, success and desire.  Discover our natural, distinctive products as Granices. Capture the aesthetic beauty with the unique form of complexity and simplicity. Our products with high quality standards are commonly preferred in Europe, America, Scandinavia and our beautiful country. We not only contribute to the economy of this country by exporting, but also bring our citizens living in this country with our most special products and provide them with perfect service. Every innovation we make as the leading firm in the industry makes a big difference. With the experience of sixteen years, we go further every day and continue to grow with our valued customers by producing better quality solutions.

Red Granite Prices

In the product groups with high quality standards, the most advantageous price is possible with Granices. If you are among our customers who do not meet us, it means you lose a lot because we are the industry’s leading firm in customer experience and customer satisfaction. We offer you the best quality of service and provide full support before, during and after the transaction.To have more detailed information about our price range of red granite, contact us with the product you like and total quantity information.

Red Granite Quarries

As a firm, we always try to produce the best solution for our customers. We operate the factory of 120,000m2 we have established with our experienced staff and our professional design team, and we place on the market our products that make a difference in the sector by producing the highest quality solutions. Since the red granite quarries are not available in our country, we import the first class red granite raw material from abroad, and we turn the granite imported into the products you see with our state-of-the-art tools in our factories. Of course, we export more than import with these wonderful products that we produce by creating added value. We have been established to contribute to this country. As Granices, we make this contribution and offer our best products to our beautiful country.

Red Granite Types

Meet our red granite types that will awaken your desires and bring the most beautiful shades of red to your home with the difference of Granices. This great product group has been loved by our customers.

Our red color granite types, which are loved most by our customers, are as follows:

  • African Red Granite: It is our most impressive product group with its naturalness, special colors from nature and characteristic structure.
  • Multicolor Red Granite: It is our product that offers the most correct choice to our customers who get the most creative ideas from complexity and are bored from routine.
  • New Imperial Red Granite: Our elite product contains the most beautiful shades of red with its dot distribution.
  • Yazd Granit: It is our elegance-wonder product that reflects the aesthetic beauty of a lily in the best way with its purplish red structure.

The great products we offer to you as Granices are not limited to these. We offer more color options and more product models. Hurry to discover all of them and start finding the right product without losing time.

Red Granite Usage Areas

It is among the most special product groups that many people are aware of with its popularity. Hence, it is an undeniable fact that our red granite products have an impact on usage areas in Turkey and abroad and help these areas to capture an aesthetic beauty by changing them.

The areas in which our red granite types are used most are as follows:

  • Baths,
  • Sinks,
  • Kitchen Countertops,
  • Coffee Tables,
  • Tables,

Of course, there are many other areas it is used. In addition to all these, we, as Granices, also provide flooring and facade coating services. Call us now to get the most accurate service, to have more detailed information about our products and to take advantage of affordable prices.

Red Granite Block

Eye-catching red granite block products with artistic aestheticism have many different usage areas. Besides monumental structures, it is preferred in decorative and construction areas. It should be noted that these natural stones, which will inevitably add extra air to kitchen and bathroom countertops, have a quality and long-lasting structure. It is known by everyone that, for red granite block, being a durable and hard stone againts sun and rain is quite important.

Red granite blocks, which are a unique option for floor and exterior coatings, will meet all your needs with their quality texture and usage term. The patterns and textures in red tone will positively affect the ambience of each building. It is known that these natural stones, which are put up for sale after a special production process, offer a hygienic practice. It will provide great convenience with its compatibility with many alternatives such as polishing and brightening as different usage methods.

Red Granite Block Prices

You can contact us for exact information regarding the prices of red granite blocks which are a unique model for every building and decor. It is known that our firm offers advantageous price sanctions and conveniences in the market of building and natural stone products. Many details in the quantity, color, model and usage areas of the product to be purchased will be considered. As a result, you can obtain a clear price of red granite block from our professional team.