Red Marble

Different applications can be realized when marble blocks are in raw form. Especially the red colored marble blocks are shaped as many products, mainly decorative wall coverings, in the hands of experienced craftsmen and interior designers. Decoration items such as sink, table, coffee table are produced by using red marble on request, as well as ornaments such as sculpture and tray. Productions cover large-sizes as well as small-sized items. Red-colored graves and gravestones, floor and wall tiles are used with large-sized Plate Slabs slabs. Reserves of red marble are limited both in our country and in the world.

In our country, it is produced in Mugla and Elazig. A rare product, red marble is also scarce in variety. Red marble varieties with its sublime appearance, unique motifs and natural red color fascinating the observers, are very much in demand although being very scarce. As a result of this popularity, red marble prices, which are slightly more expensive than other types of marble, vary according to companies. The processes applied on red marble can be listed as filling or non-filling, polishing, cross-cut or vein-cut, polished, brushed or tumbled, blasting or honing, and sandblasting. These processes are performed according to the application area. Being able to be used in every point of the buildings, red marble is put on the market in raw or processed form. Red marble brings vibrancy and movement to every area it is used with its color.


Red Marble Prices

Red marble varieties are priced in blocks, units, and square meters. Products prepared on special request in different shapes and sizes are priced according to the characteristics of the product and workmanship. The products projected at the factory sales are carefully and brilliantly prepared, blended with experience. Each product created using red marble is distinct from each other and has its unique properties. Production of identical products is not permitted by the very own property of the red marble itself. Each of the red marbles is in a different pattern, figure, color tone, harmony, and decor than the other. This type of marble, after being removed in the marble quarry in a block, is utilized in an area that is appropriate to its properties. Because red marble varieties have different properties even among themselves, a fixed price can not be given. The price of each block, each product is different. The lack of supply and excessive demand also affect the price of red marble. Therefore, it is best to contact the company for red marble prices once you determine the size, color tone, and shape of the product.  Granices.com will help you with everything related to marble.


Red Marble Varieties

Each considered a rare piece, red marble varieties have different characteristics. There is a high demand for these marble varieties from all over the world. The varieties of red marble with a unique beauty that are admired by all are listed below:

Elazig Cherry Marble

Rosso Levanto Marble

Aegean Red Marble

Aegean Burgundy Marble

In addition to these, several varieties of red marble called Fusion Wow, Hollywood Red, Margot, Pink Onyx, Rosso Levanto, Rosalia Pink, Rosso Verona, and Starlica Onyx are also produced.

Uses of Red Marble

With its wide use area, red marble is often used in decorative ornaments due to its vibrant and bright color. Besides, red marble varieties that can be produced more than others are preferred in stair stairs, floors, and wall coverings. Although the area of use is more limited than the other types of marble due to the fact that is scarce, it can also be used in graves and gravestones. Products like tables, coffee tables, vases, bathhouses, tiles, kitchens, and bathrooms, counters can also be produced using red marble. Apart from general use, it is preferred in special gift products such as the rosary and ornamental tray upon special request.


Red Marble Plate & Slabs 

Our red marble obtained from Elazig and Mugla quarries are carefully processed in our factories and turned into red marble Plate Slabs slabs. Besides its naturality, marbles emit their positive energy which they receive from nature directly.In addition to its robustness, marbles give a sense of hygiene, refreshment, and peace. Red marble, on the other hand, adds warmth to the environment due to its color-specific characteristics, heats the houses and turns them into a hive of art.In fact, the codes of a balanced and healthy life are directly affected by the materials we use in our houses. We begin to feel more peaceful as the naturalness around us increases in our home, where we spend most of our time. The most accurate piece of this puzzle is the marble stones. Not only does it decorate your homes and serve you for many years, but it also helps you feel spiritually comfortable on your journey to the future.Reflect the light of the red Plate Slab marble into your home. Become the owner of happy places with Granices that will apply red to your house with its quality and unique tones. The most beautiful red awaits for the Granices to be removed from under the ground.


Red Marble Plate & Slabs Prices

The prices of red marbles, which we have developed by following the technology and which we have processed most exquisitely, are also priced very reasonably in addition to the value and robustness that they add to your home. We bring warmth to your home with our aesthetic and naive products and applications.

In addition to the reasonable prices of red marble Plate Slabs slabs, we bring together our quality craftsmanship and dozens of products we choose amongst the most beautiful red marbles to serve you with figures you can afford.

We all know that peaceful environments and your living space are priceless. We are also aware of the importance of hygiene for health. Marble is the only product that can present these two precious aspects at the same time. It will not be too hard for people to understand that the marble prices nowadays are quite reasonable, knowing all the details. Granices have the right red marble for every house.


Red Marble Block

All kinds of applications can be made while marble block products are in raw form. Especially the red marble block becomes decorative red marble wall coverings with our conscious and experienced applications. The other areas of use are red marble sink, washbasin, red marble tables, red marble coffee tables, ornaments, statues, and beautiful structures in red marble as floor tiles. Another application in the block is red block grave production.

These rare marbles we have collected from Elazig and Mugla provinces of our country come across with motifs and patterns that will fascinate us in every application. Our applications on red marble, one of our most extraordinary marbles, are subjected to methods and processes like filled unfilled, glazed, polished, vein-cut or cross-cut, tumbled or brushed, covering or burst, honing or blasting, sandblasting.

No matter which area of your house you use, our red marble block cutting products will decorate your space and make spring flowers bloom in your home.


Red Marble Block Prices

Red marble block prices are one of the product groups that we can sell the block directly. In our factory sales, we carefully produce the projected red marble products and turn years of experience into decorative and distinctive marble products. This is the greatest feature of marble; the marble we produced for you has never been produced for anyone else nor will it be produced. The marble itself won’t allow it. The marble blocks, each with different colors, patterns, figures, decor, tint, and harmony from the other, carry a bit of a question mark for everyone the first time they are removed from the quarry. Like a human fingerprint, every marble comes into the world with its unique fingerprint. For this reason, every red marble is special to the person and the building made.

You can obtain red marble prices through our website or by giving us a call. One of the special colors, red marble samples can be seen in the site catalogs. Red block marble prices vary depending on the cubic meter, linear meter, and quantity you will receive. Call us to receive information and price offers regarding your projects and designs.