Marag Granite


Hurry to discover our smoked granite products which blend harmoniously with claret red, cherry and brown colors. With this special color nature that adds richness to spaces, it offers a different experience. It is the most beautiful form of distinction, contradiction, and power. At the same time, elegant combinations can be achieved with oil blue, claret red, and white. That is why it is called the most beautiful key of aesthetic appearance in home decoration, office decoration, workplace decoration, and buildings. Do you want to meet this beauty of nature? As Granices, we bring you together with our smoked granite models that meet high quality standards, and you should catch this natural beauty without losing time. Let’s take a step into this aesthetic world full of advantages.

Smoked Granite Types

Dark ash color has a natural state and so epic beauty that it is the most beautiful form that nature offers. As smoked granite types and Granices, we enjoy bringing you together with these aesthetic beauties.

The types of smoked granite most preferred by our customers are as follows:

  • Marag Granit: Our product is in the Premium group with its strong characteristic structure and detailed aesthetic beauty.
  • Dolpin Granite: It is the most beautiful formation of smoked granite with its spread. It is in a wide color scale but always our gloomy and aesthetic product.
  • Bulancak Smoked Granite: It has dark smoked shade integrated with star dust, decorative beauty that is among the secrets of the universe.

In addition to all these, Ankara smoked granite, Giresun mink granite, and other models are highly preferred. Make the right choice! Meet the quality and assurance of Granices.

Smoked Granite Usage Areas

Smoked granite products used to capture the purest and most beautiful form of interior and exterior architecture are known as the number one choice of various sectors. Smoked color is the most preferred color variety in different product groups due to its nature.

The areas that it is widely used in the sector services we offer are as follows:

  • Coffee Tables,
  • Tables,
  • Kitchen Countertops,
  • Baths,
  • Cemeteries,
  • Stairs,

You often come across the wonderful smoked granite products offered by us in many areas both indoors and outdoors. Also, we provide facade coating and flooring services. Call now to get the most accurate service.

Smoked Granite Prices

Smoked color granite price range, spread over a wide range of usage area, may differ depending on the interior and exterior area to be used. Correct and advantageous price is always available with the difference of Granices, so call us to take advantage of affordable prices and get more detailed information about our products. Let our professional customer support staff help you in the most correct way. If you call with the product name and total quantity information you will order, you will help us.

Smoked Granite Block

Smoked granite block products known for their affordable prices offer a magical use with their quality structure and design-wonder look. The veins and patterns on this product, which is often preferred in decoration and construction structures, appeal to every customer. If you want to integrate the crucial aestheticism of smoked color with your structures, these natural stones will meet all your tastes and needs.

The usage methods of smoked granite blocks offered for sale as a result of a strict examination, work, and evaluation from natural stone quarries are quite diverse. You can use it as polished, brigthened, or sanded. These products, which are among the essentials of stairs and steps, can also be used in outdoor floor works and decorative designs.

Smoked Granite Block Prices

It should be noted the fact that each natural stone model has different prices is determined by the dimensions, color and application options. Thatsmoked granite block products have economic prices can be shown among the leading factors in the reasons for preference. If you want to have a favorable advantage from the current building and stone market prices, you can call us.

For a clear price acquisition about smoked granite block products, you can take advantage of our company’s expert and professional team. We will take into consideration the dimensions, color, and quantity of the model you will buy and all the details about your usage area. After determining a precise price with our advantageous price options, we can provide notification to our valued customers.