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Travertine Storage

Travertine are natural stones by formation of underground waters and healing water’s sediment over a thousand years.  Despite the high resistance of insulating properties, another great property of these stones, which are relatively light in weight, is that they can give extremity good reaction to the workings of high-tech machines in our factories. We have found it appropriate to create six storage for the continuity of the supply chain with increasing application areas day by day. The provinces where these storages is distributed to various provinces of Turkey are following; İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Trabzon, Samsun, İzmir.  Moving the blocks or processed travertines mined quarries to these storages provides to increase our capasity to export rapidly. With the creation of a quick supply chain is of vital importance, we are getting stronger for tomorrow. Travertine storage also creates suitable environments for the display of products.  Our storages in İstanbul and Ankara provinces also carry on as our sales and marketing regional directorates. On the other hand, here is used to supply of our import and export goods from the ports in the provinces of Mersin and İzmir.     We are carrying on storage activities in our provinces of Trabzon and Samsun in order to address the domestic market and also the Asian market through Georgia.

Onyx Storage

Onyx stones are one of the natural stones that God shows his art to mankind. If we consider that each onyx stone is not resemble each other and its health benefits, we have to say a must for every household an onyx.   It is carefully selected from the quarries in Afyon and Manisa provinces, where have onyx quarries, and brought to the storages where it will be exhibited for export or domestic market. These onyx are delivered to the needy in the form of manufactured products or blocks through storages. Each of these storage in İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Trabzon, Samsun provinces has a feature and a purpose and region addressed.

İstanbul catchs customer’s demands in European and Asian sides fancy about the marketing in the domestic market. 

Ankara onyx storage also supports South Anatolia and East Anatolia regional markets except the Central Anatolia region.

The storages of Mersin and İzmir provinces established near location of ports for export and import purposes.

We carry on our exports to Asian countries through northern Anatolia and Georgia from Trabzon and Samsun storages. The way to look forward hopefully to the future is through creating a supply chain. This is a phenomenon that completes the ring of the chain. Because a chain is only as strong as its strongest ring.

Marble Storage

Marble is natural stone formation of millennia. We brought it together with art. We got water from a stone, worked it just as dough. We presented it to people’s service in its most beautiful form. We embroidered our unique artistic character and culture into the spirit of marble. We developed and had the Anatolian marble in various colors and patterns down to a fine art with the latest technological equipment. Now the whole world is watching the rise of Turkish marbles. It offers wonderful decorative and functional services in every area it is used and in every room it is used. Now, we collect our products in large storages and areas where we can exhibit and sales marketing the these marbles. They are waiting to meet the buyers in our storages in six provinces, which have been carefully selected the centre by their locations in terms of supply and commercial. We provide meet the raw blocks and processed products with buyers by our storages of İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Trabzon, Samsun, İzmir provinces away from transportation difficulties.  Apart from using these storages for import and export, it is aimed to prevent demand and supply gap between winter and summer months. Thus, the uninterrupted export will be provided with our warehouses in our storages in the port provinces of İzmir and Mersin, the sales and marketing will be made in domestic and foreign markets in central and busy cities such as İstanbul and Ankara, the product shipments can be made easily to the Asian and Turkic Republics via the North Anatolian region and Georgia from Trabzon and Samsun provinces. Being a just producing power may not be enough today, it is necessary to work with service quality beyond the ordinary enough to wring the stone water.

Limestone Storage

  Limestone blocks mined from Finike district of Antalya province are brought to factories for processing and from there to storages to be exhibited and reposited. Limestone is a natural insulation material due to its structure. For this reason, it is preferred to use it as a covering material. However, especially the decorative structure of white limestones should not be ignored. Limestones, which is one of the strongest materials of thermal insulation, is now one of the stones in demand in the natural stone industry. Our six storages, which are the most important part of the supply chain, are the places where we exhibit these precious stones and use precisely them in the domestic sales and export supply. İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Trabzon, Samsun, İzmir in limestone storages distributed to various corners of Turkey are also important with their strategic location.

İstanbul and Ankara provinces contribute to the increase of our market share as a marketing and product overview. The huge storages in Mersin and İzmir provinces are port storages and contribute greatly in the supply of exports. The storages in Trabzon and Samsun provinces meet the needs of Notrh Anatolia, East Anatolia region limestone and support Asian exports from Georgia.  Thus, we provide that they are placed on the market as much as necessary and the continuity of production by storing the limestones we obtain with balanced growth and serial production.

Granite Storage

Granite has managed to enter the most precious natural stones class with its increasing color, pattern variations, excellent reaction to new applications made with technological developments while processing, and the widespread use of its fields in the last fifty years. We also export this stone, which we import, and thus provide our product range. Granite blocks mined by cutting carefully out from the quarry in Afyon are processed in the factories and taken out for the areas they will be exhibited. We ensure the continuity of marketing, exhibiting and supply chain in our granite storage located in the provinces can be considered as the center of Turkey.  These provinces are İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Trabzon, Samsun, İzmir.  Our export of granite blocks and granite products continues to the domestic market and to the world in these provinces having easy location in terms of strategic and shipment.

İstanbulis a door stretching between Turkey and Europe and Asia Minor. Direct sales are made from this storage.

Ankara has a key role in both direct sales and product delivery to other provinces by its central location.

Mersin and İzmir are our port storages and the main centers of our quick export potential.

Trabzon and Samsun provinces are our storages we use for shipping and supply to North Anatolian geography and to Asia via Georgia. The way to become a strong organization is to ensure the continuity of service and business. We draw our strength from completing quality products with our strong supply chain.

Andesite Storage

 Natural andesite to be mined in colors of gray, purple, pink, magenta and black are formed by the sudden cooling of pyroclastic lava flows. Andesite factories sometimes come short of block andesite mined.  Sometimes, although production continues in the winter months, assembly and construction works decrease due to winter conditions. At this time, storage of andesite mined for the purpose of summer preparation is important for the transfer of the products and it makes preparations for the next days after being collected the materials here.  For the purpose of these precautions, our factory built the necessary size storage in the provinces close to the quarries and took the necessary precautions. The provinces where our storages are located are as follows: İstanbul storage, Ankara storage, Mersin port storages, Trabzon storage, Samsun storage, İzmir port storages.

 Our storage in İstanbul has two storages, both the Anatolian side and the European side. The storage here is planned to support both domestic and international activities.

Ankara storage is used for domestic sales and marketing.

 The port storage in Mersin is an enormous capacity storage established for export.

The storage in Trabzon is used for products exported through the Eastern Black Sea and Georgia.

 Our storage in Samsun is used for the western Black Sea region and the withinside of Black Sea region.

 The port storage in İzmir is the large capacity storage we use for Europe, America out.

Basalt Storage

Basaltis a magmatic and volcanic rock with a competent structure and heavy unit mass. It is a natural stone that is frequently applied and in demand by the institutions that carry out especially urban and municipal works with its durability in the fields of use. While it makes a decorative appearance to places used with the unique colors by showing the solid performance during 50-60 years, this precious product provided advantages of affordable prices supports by Turkey basalt resources. However, basalt storage is needed in six provinces to be used in the winter months for the number of products and materials stuck with the increasing usage areas day-by-day and the demand for this stone in summer, and these storages has been activated. These provinces have been selected from the provinces where we will not have any problems in export and delivery to domestic market. The supply of existing basalt need is provided easily by storages in İstanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Trabzon, Samsun, İzmir.  While İzmir and Mersin from these provinces address the exports through ports, the storages in İstanbul, Ankara, Trabzon and Samsun supply with domestic market.