Turkish Basalt Stone

Turkish basalt stone is a magmatic stone and generally found in volcanic regions that are rich in terms of basalt reserve. Basalt has dark colors and basalt that are mined from Turkey basalt quarries and are process as basalt blocks. Basalt stone is used in many different application areas due to its strong structure and it is exported all over the world after it is mined from our country. Basalt stone also is exported as blocks. Basalt stone is cut according to desired dimensions and with different surface operations, it acquires different usage areas. Granices is a Turkey basalt supplier and offers high- quality products and affordable prices to meet basalt needs.

Turkish Basalt Properties and Prices

Turkish basalt stone is a heavy stone due to its chemical structure and mineral content. It is one of the first choices that are looking strong stone that has a much different application area and it has a high resistance to the effects. With its usage areas, basalt is one of the most frequently preferred natural stone. The demand for basalt increases due to its application areas. The prices of basalt are determined according to surface operations that are done after mining it from basalt quarries. Our company which is Turkish basalt supplier, meet your basalt needs fast and manufacture products according to your needs and desires.

Turkish Basalt Application Areas

The process of formation that basalt experiences acquire itself main characteristic feature. According to researches on the stone, it is one of the strongest stones in the world. With its strong structure, basalt gives extra strong features and long term usage to the buildings that it is used. To make the current architecture accessible to the future, basalt is one of the most suitable stones and it is frequently used in pavements, parks, and gardens, paving, architects building, fire escape, chimneys, and fire prevention systems. The reason to use basalt in fire precaution systems is that basalt has a relatively low melting point. Basalt can be processed to use in different application areas and it is also used as stone wool in the industry.