Turkish Limestone

With its white color, Turkish limestone creates a minimalistic and attractive look and offers a clean and good look to the environment where it is used. Limestone is a suitable material to use in high buildings because it is a light material. It doesn’t give the extra load to building and that’s why it is preferred. Limestone that is used frequently exterior covering is mined from the quarries that are in Antalya. Turkey limestone has an important role in the export percentage.

Turkish Limestone Properties

One of the most important properties of limestone is that it does not experience any discolorization after long term usage. With that property, limestone is suitable for long term usage and it gives insulation to the buildings. Limestone has different color options and it is preferred as a building material that it can be easily processed. Even though it has red, brown, yellow, blue, grey, and black colors, white colors are mostly preferred.In different special buildings and projects, limestone is preferred to have a modern look with its different colors. When examining the structure of limestone, the pores of it are almost no visible. It gives a more strong structure to the stone.

Turkish Limestone Application Areas 

Some of the application areas of Turkey limestone which has homogeneous structures are making chalk, floor covering, furniture, sinks, and wall covering. In history, limestone usage has been preferred. One of the best examples of it is Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. In Ottoman and Byzantine Empire times,the effects of limestone have been seen. Limestone is an attractive and long-term material that gives an esthetic,modern, and luxurious look to the environments.

Turkish Limestone Surface Operations

Granices as Turkey limestone supplier, offer fast solutions for limestone with the applications of surface operations. The factories that have the latest technology, we process limestone with all details to be prepared for usage. We process Turkish limestone with surface operations such as honing, polishing, burning, sandling, harming, exploding, fitting, and wear.