In our country, the use of natural stones for decoration purposes and as building elements is consistently increasing. White marble, which adds a pleasant mood to any environment it is used in and gives a extra beauty with its clarity, is the most preferred kind of marble. The main reason for this is that the marble has a very strong structure, is suitable for creating decorative products, has a pleasant appearance, is easy to clean and healthy well. You can choose the most suitable one for your pleasure among the white marble models that will add a retro, minimal, classic or modern appearance to the fields of use with the qualifications it has.

You can combine your buildings with the beauty and brightness of marble, which is one of the most special stones offered by nature with the model you choose. White marble comprises a substantial part of the marble production in Turkey. While living quarters using white marble are gone to the future more steadyingly, they provide a more aesthetic appearance visually. The white marble blocks, which are produced and preferred too much, are made ready to use according to the desired shapes and sizes after processing with technological machines. Although different shades of white marble are produced, they all reflect the nobility, purity, cleanliness and elegance of white.

White marbles, which are obtained from marble quarries in Bursa, Afyon, Uşak, Muğla, Milas, M.Kemalpaşa, Marmara and İzmir, each having different properties, are usually named according to the place mined it and characteristics features. These marbles are used in many areas such as Turkish baths, spas, bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, TV units, flooring. Ergonomic and decorative products with desired features are presented. The variety of products mined using white marble is increasing day by day. This varieties include in different options such as sculptures, ornamental pools, decorations, tombs and tombstones, carved fountains, embroidered handrails, belustrade and columns. Each product obtained from white marble is sought after a good bit because it can be used easily in every area. Not only large pieces are not produced from white marble, but also different artistic designs with artistic approaches are be able to produced.


White Marble Prices

You can have with affordable prices for products made of white marble, black marble  which is among the best quality marbles. The price of the product you want to supply varies depending on the quality, size, color and shape of the marble used. Although the prices vary from time to time, white marble, which is available of use for many years with its quality, decorative, modern and aesthetic appearance, is generally offered for sale at affordable prices compared to its quality. Although white marble prices are generally determined on square meters and units, prices can be more flexible when special measures are applied. You should contact the company for the exact price by determining the size, model and shade of the marble.


White Marble Varieties

It will be useful to use marble varieties in your home to add a clean and bright appearance and design a much brighter area. By all means, not each varieties of marble may have the features you want. When deciding on the most suitable marble variety for you, you should definitely consider white marble. White marble varieties enable you to add both quality and visual feast to your home. You can make your living quarters look more elegant by prefering design marbles with decorative features. The most preferred varieties of white marble are:


  • Afyon Violet Marble: You can choose to reflect the natural and authentic pattern in your homes. This white marble variety that can be used in covering and flooring has gray  and yellow color transitions.
  • Afyon Violet Marble: Afyon violet marble, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, has violet colors on white.
  • Milas White Marble: Milas white marble, which is preferred for facade coverings as well as flooring, has a bright color called as pearl color.
  • Afyon Sugar Marble: Afyon sugar marble, which has yellow and tawny-brown dapples on a off-white color, is a design marble that adds vitality to every areas it is used.
  • Uludağ White Marble: Uludağ white marble, which has black dapples and stripes on a white background, has unique patterns of nature. This hard and strong marble variety can be used in any area.
  • Marmara Panda Marble: Thanks to its durability, Marmara panda marble, which enables many years of use and does not contain bacteria, is preferred especially in surface coverings and decoration with its smoky black color transitions.
  • Kemalpaşa White Marble: Kemalpaşa white marble, which is used especially in bathroom designs and stair floors, is a magnificent kind of marble with its bright appearance.
  • Apart from these design marbles, other white marble varieties you can choose; are listed as Uşak white marble, white silvery marble, Marmara pyjamas marble, white striped marble, Marmara beige marble, Aegean white marble, gray marble.


White Marble Usage Fields

Among the natural stones offered by nature, white marble varieties, which are the most preferred, easy to clean and that usage fields are wide, are used as the basic material in many products in different sectors. Using white marble varieties; countertops, bathrooms, coffee tables, stairs, mortar, flooring, behind the TV unit, tables, sculptures, sink, bowl and plate, vase, threshold and various furniture are produced. In addition to these areas of use, white marbles are among the materials frequently used in exterior and interior coverings, especially flooring, and in many flooring works. It is possible to get in touch with the company to get exact information and to get accurate price information by giving correct measurements about the usage fields and forms of white marble varieties and other products.

White Marble Block

White marble comprises a substantial part of the marble production in Turkey.We also decorate your living quarters that we carry into future and protect with our white marble products. White marble blocks, which is one of the marble colors the sought-after and frequently demanded, are processed with the latest technological machines and shaped in our factory. It is brought to the purity that the users will be admired the wonderful patterns and magic of white in our factories after being mined from quarry. Although white marble with different shades in the layer spacing in the blocks obtained in the white marble quarries can be obtained, quality, elegance and cleanliness of the white in all slabs carries a clear image and reflects.

We transform into many products such as kitchen tops, baths, Turkish baths, stairs, flooring, TV units and etc from these marble blocks, which are obtained from quarries in Bursa, Muğla, Uşak, Afyon and İzmir provinces, which each are different and special from each other. With our innovation and R&D, we are working on how to produce the most ergonomic and decorative product. We reap the fruits of these works and take firm steps forward by adding new white marble products to our catalog day by day. We apply directly from marble block new cuts, designs and developments with different artistic approaches within sculptures, carved fountains, ornamental pools, decorations, block tombs, embroidered railing, columns and belustrades produced from white marble blocks.

White Marble Block Prices

You can reach us by calling with our number in Granices website for white marble block prices. We have customer-oriented product options, an affordable price and quality product policy for all of our marble products.

White also represents cleanliness except brightness and spaciousness in densely used homes, therefore, white color is generally preferred in hospitals, pharmacies, Turkish baths, toilets and bathrooms. In addition, white colors and its shades are generally sought in sinks and kitchen tops. The most sought-after color of narrow spaces and places is white. Because it awakens the perception of depth and width.

Although our white marble production is at a sufficient level, we work to bring together a better white marble with you from more afforable price with the thought that a better white marble is always waiting for us to be mined from the underground.

The high number of our happy customer families with whom we have earned their friendship is equivalent of this effort and the working hard. Available direct white block marble sales. You can easily reach us through our website.

White Marble Slabs

Before cutting the white marble slabs, the most favorite white marble blocks of the marble mine are selected and mined from the quarries. Because white is perfect, it does not accept faults. Because the same color of white marble obtained from almost the same blocks in the production stage, white slab marble is formed with making prepared by cutting, honing, sanding, patinatoing, brushing, hammering and polishing to the blocks with known color panoramic by factory.

We produce the perfect white marble models with the marble slabs we have obtained and mined from the provinces and districts of Uşak, Afyon, Marmara Island, Muğla, Milas, Kemalpaşa, Uludağ.

We are one of the few marble factories of our country with our white marble slab production. Right from the start marble blocks mine from the quarries, they come to our factory to be decorated like a bride by transporting carefully. It is started to cutting workings and turned into a white marble slab according to the area we want to use here.

Our company, which has a large share in meeting the marble needs of our country, continues to be the leading company in the sector with its high level materials and qualified work force by producing unique products with white marble slabs. White marble slabs are known and called according to different vein structures, color and pattern models and where they are mined.

White Marble Slab Prices

We have brought together the suitable products, quality workmanship and affordable price ranges of white marble slab prices in accord with your expectations for you. White marble slabs that can be used as primary colors in many different fields, make products such as especially kitchen tops, windowsill and baseboards, stair marble steps, working and dimensioning benches, bathrooms, marble Turkish bath, tables, sink, floor, flooring, nesting table, Tv Table, TV Unit, Dining Room And Dinerware, threshold etc.

White is cleanliness and health, so white marble is a must of wet floors. White marble slab prices are like cornerstone in terms of determining prices of the marble industry. These slabs which determining the quality and standard of the factory are crowned with Afyon marble, one of the most beautiful marbles in the world. Our company, which has written its name in history as the company that got water from a flint, always continues to set examples of the most beautiful marble slabs.

We sell products to be able to meet our country’s expectations at affordable prices with imported white marbles. At the same time, we contribute to the strengthening of our national economy by turning to finish products the marble slabs and selling them abroad, which are among the important export goods of our country.