Onyx Marble Varieties

Onyx marble is one of the semi-precious stones group by its features. Word meaning in Assyrian language is ”circle and ring”, and it means ”nail” in Greek. Onyx is a kind of various precious stones and calcedony, which are fruquently used in the jewelry industry, and are used commonly in all kinds in Turkish. Onxy marble consists of a large amount of silicon minerals. Onyx stone, which is a translucent stone, is a limited stone with luminous transmittance, which is much more difficult to mine than real marble and granite. Onyx marble; It was formed by turning into onyx stone, which has a magnificent apperance, with the effect of water and salt, silicon and crystals inside of this water in the limestone formed by the pressure of water under a certain temperature. Onyx marble is among the most preferred marble varieties due to its good features.The beds with Onyx marble are deeper than other marble beds. Onyx marble quarries centre round in the Tut district of Adıyaman in Turkey. Onyx kinds known in the world and their colors are as follows; honey onyx marble, onyx marble yellow, transparent onyx marble, onyx marble white, green onyx marble, black marble, pink onyx, onxy blue marble and red onyx marble. There are many onyx marble quarries called as alabaster, blue, multicolor, golden, white, green, honey, coffee, vein cut and tiger.


Onyx Marble Features

After onyx marble is mined from Onyx marble quarries, it is cut into pieces in molds on its veins and processed. For the process, marble slabs are classified by onyx marble companies by determining both their prices and kinds. Due to its luminous transmittance, onyx marble varieties, which can be used for decorative purposes, create magnificent products with their perfect transparency. In addition to the beauty in its appearance, it is extremely healthy thanks to the silicon and agate density inside of it. In particular, its benefits for the respiratory system and the circulatory system has been scientifically evidenced. Onyx marble was used in temples and places of worship in both Ottoman and ancient Rome. Onyx marble’s features include preventing the light from touching directly into the eyes and becoming a soft light to the area used. With this feature, onyx marble is frequently used in lighting fixtures. The marble variety is applied to lightining fixtures by using led strip laying technique. While all the charm of the marble is featured with the applied techniques and also lighting is provided. When used as a lighting fixture, harmony of the veins in the patterns should be expected. This kind of marble, which is in jewelry value, is used in many different fields beyond being just an knickknackery.


Onyx Marble Prices

Onyx marble prices are slightly more expensive than standard marble groups and other natural stone building materials. The reason of this; It is harder and more difficult to mine because both onyx marble cannot be mined anywhere and marble beds are deeper than others. Among the factors that affect onyx marble prices, which vary according to each companies in the market; are such as quality, size, thickness and even transportation. Although prices are generally determined on a square meter basis, a separate price is determined for onxy marble that is requested in special sizes. Onyx marble prices also vary raw and processed. Companies offer you the best possible price according to the area you will use the product and the accessories to be obtained from this product. Even the color of Onyx marble affects the price. By contacting our company, you can get detailed information and learn the price by specifying the features, size and color of onyx marble you required.


Onyx Marble Applications

Onyx marble stone, which is transparent with its silicon and agate, and which has a hard, strong and durable structure with quartz; as it is used in knickknackery, jewelry and accessories, it is often seen as a material of construction for buildings. It is preferred in various areas such as floor, kitchen and bathroom tops, sinks and decorative designs.

Since Onyx marble is produced in a small number, it is mostly used in interior design applications. Onyx marble, which has a unique decorative structure with its transparency, is generally used with lighting application to add visual richness to the prominent points of public areas. Onyx marble used in narrow use areas, facade and edge linings of benches and reception tables in hotels are designed on a complete metalwork or together with wooden combinations.

It appeared in the temples of Greeks, Romans and Ancient Egyptians, in the palaces where the emperors were located, and it has been found that used in the construction of the throne in the archaelogical excavations, and it was also seen in the existing historical buildings.Onyx marble is also present in mosques in many Islamic countries, especially Ottoman. Since Onyx marbles are colored, for decorative purposes; it is used in dishware, hand-carved objects, statuettes, trinkets, private jewelry, bead, vases, mosaic, bar, bathroom, lighted onyx marble, souvenir, chess sets, table, Turkish bath, mortar, jewelry boxes, name badge, coffee tables, tiles, lampshades, candlestick, amulets, slabs, tilestone, kitchen tops, illuminated bedside tables, bedrooms, TV units, sinks and exterior covering and even in the interior design (in areas such as door handles, console floor) of British leader company’s Rolls Royce’s cars manufacturing limited in number.