Turkish Onyx Marble

Onyx marble that is a part of precious natural stones is hard to differ from the marble with the naked eye. The property that makes Turkish onyx stone different from marble is that it has light transmittance. Even onyx is thought of as marble, with its properties, it differs from marble. Onyx is a special that is hard to find and to be mined. Marble can be found on the upper layers of the ground whereas onyx stone should be mined from more depth area.  That means the onyx stone needs more tools and the latest technology. Mining onyx stone is an expensive process in that direction.

Turkish Onyx Marble Properties and Application Areas

Turkey onyx marble as a natural stone gives a luxurious look and it is frequently used in modern architecture and one of the building materials that architectures use in their designs. Onyx marble has a strong structure and it is beneficial material in terms of health. The research on onyx marble shows that it is a healthy natural stone with its silicon and agate content. It has been used for decorative purposes as well as used in palaces and thrones in history. Onyx marble that was thought of as a power symbol for kings, is used in jewelry making, kitchens, bathrooms, and sinks recently.

Turkish Onyx Marble Block and Prices

Turkish onyx marble, which is in the raw phase, is processed with needed operations and gains an esthetic and elegant look. Granices that is Turkish onyx supplier company offer Turkey onyx marble needs in a short time. In order to learn more about onyx marble blocks and prices, call our call center. Ony marble can be used separately as well as with wood and metal product combining. That natural stone becomes like an art piece with architectures and is frequently used in reception places and exposition places. With its esthetic and elegant look, onyx marble is a special and unique product and offers a luxurious look to you.